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Journey of Adult Education

Shouldn’t the Journey of Adult Education be Worthy of Graduation?

Hawaiian Airlines once posted a bulletin board that read, "Shouldn’t the Journey be Worthy of the Destination?" Upon reflection, I thought of the slogan in light of adult education. I found myself reframing the slogan to say, "Shouldn't the Journey of Adult Education be worthy of Graduation?" Isn't true? Shouldn't an adult who is coming back to higher education after many years away be worthy of just the best a school has to offer?

How does this relate to the work that we do? Our transformative work should unfold education to an adult student in a way that reaches them through the lens of Christ's promises. God promises us that He is faithful. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He has a plan for us that is good. He says all things will work together for those who love Him. We can fully trust in the living God to work His will in and through us as believers as we reach out to those we are serving. We live our faith out to our students with tenacious belief that God is faithful.

And so, this educational unfolding reveals perspective change. An adult begins to trust and grasp the unknown areas in their lives and believe that change is possible. They perhaps begin to understand that the Christian institution is reaching out to them with programs and employees that love them with Christ’s love. Of course, there are difficult times and challenges, yet the faithfulness of God remains. We hope and pray that we may encourage our students through this process and there is transformation in their lives. Through this deep reflective transformational process it brings to light what Steven Curtis Chapman refers to as a "Glorious Unfolding."

CAHEA on 04/26/15 Submitted by Holley Clough

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